Hello and Welcome!

Are you an artist who has dreamed of having your own store, but you already have a full time job?  Well, come by  The Artistry! We will offer you the opportunity to make that dream come true.


At The Artistry, we have individual retail stores for rent. Starting at  $30.00 a month, you can have an area to personalize and sell your paintings, cards, needlework, jewelry, pottery...whatever you create. We have an array of areas, large or small, that will meet all of your creative needs.

If you are an artist who just hasn't found the right place to teach, look no further we have a learning center that will hold up to 24 students!
Stop by or call I can't wait to chat and give you a tour!

phone:  501-207-1589

email: kathiraines@gmail.com


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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